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Simple+YOU= Life

A cold shower… A late night snack… a cuddle from behind…. A smile from a far...A mother’s care towards her child…waking up to the love of your life. The little things that just lights up your day or make you smile even if it just for a while.
For some it could be a word of encouragement, saying thank you, holding a door for the next person or slowing down for pedestrians to cross on a highway or as a colleague of mine said 'something new (book, friend, idea etc.) just excites me'.
This little moment of self-satisfaction is deeper than we see it. It goes a long way whether you are the giver or receiver. It could mend a heart, make a day better or soften life’s daily punches. With each day, it changes just like our wants and desires. However, there are daily constants and this differs from person to person. At every point, we have certain needs or wants. For the boy on the street, a meal for the day will be a miracle. For the market woman as many customers as possible is what wou…

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