Your Mess...Your Message

‘When life give you lemons.... You make lemonade’. This is basic advice you get from a friend or your mother when you share a problem or challenge. I know I have told myself a lot of times. We even had a customized one for Nigerians “When life shows you pepper, you make pepper soup with catfish”.

The truth is we all have certain experiences that left us devastated, betrayed, unhappy or *insert your own feeling*. No one can totally understand what pain or hurt we felt. Can you change your perspective just a little? Think about it. That experience thought you a lesson or two right. Ok I sense a few nods. People, situations or circumstances are either lessons or blessings. Either way, they come to teach us certain things in life.

Let me quickly share a short story about a female pastor I met (I like stories too much *covers face*). She grew up in a brothel and got into prostitution pretty early in life. From the abortions, to the countless men she encountered, her life was a total mess, until she gave her life to Christ. Now she is married and she has a ministry based on helping young women out of prostitution. She travels everywhere to share her story and inspire others, teaching them that it is possible to be liberated from such a life.

Now whether your mess is this big or bigger, it doesn’t matter. What matters is you getting out of it stronger, learning your lesson and moving on. It is also important to help others who might fall victims of such situations too (although most people would not listen sha).
There are certain people who have made a fortune just from sharing their life experiences with others e.g. Joyce Meyer. Personally I have had my share of disappointments but the truth is, I have become a better person. I cried a lot (I can be such a big baby) and took out time to analyse the situation and truthfully I found out that I made some mistakes myself. Now that is a lesson learnt.

Now here is a fact. The higher you go, the difficult it becomes. That’s the hard truth. But be rest assured that you are more than equipped to overcome and succeed if you set your heart to it.
Watchword for the week: Correct your mistakes, learn for them and make them a stepping step to greater heights.  Have an amazing week.
Next week’s post is going to be a video. You don’t want to miss it at all.


  1. Very inspiring post... Keep up the great work. Already looking forward to next week's video.

  2. This is definitely the Daily Dose of tonic I needed to begin my day.....thanks Toni. Kudos

  3. wow,
    this is amazing,
    keep the great work going dear


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