Who made the RULES

Chai!! Why on earth is her husband shorter than she is. That is so not picture perfect.

She didn’t wear makeup on her wedding day? Now that’s just wrong. Who does that?

Why would you give me money with your left hand? It's plain disrespect!!!

You have had these random thoughts or others one or several times towards friends, family or even random people you know nothing about. You unconsciously give a scornful, displeased look toward things or situations that do not fit into our ‘norm’, giving ‘defaulters’ a quick show of disappointment or disapproval.

Now, please have a seat and take a holistic view at these situations. I have just one question ‘WHO MADE THE RULES’?

I am guessing there was a town hall meeting (that’s what it was called back then I guess) with all our forefathers in attendance and each issue was tabled out and decisions were made. Although I think what happened was whatever was common was generally accepted. So if you were or behaved ‘different’, something was wrong with you.
These limiting rules are major causes for many of the problems you see with people today.

 We make assumptions about everything and accept these assumptions as fact and live a way that is not aligned with the truth. 

I have always been different. Born left handed, it was a not so pleasant childhood especially in school. I remember a time my mum fought with a teacher who tried to ‘change’ me to being right handed. As I grew older, I learnt to live with being different, accepting whatever insults came with it. I also learned to conform so as not to be shouted at by random old women in the market, or in a restaurant for being different. The idea was to live and let live. But what if was bigger than this?  What if it was a choice that would affect you for the rest of your life and you are conforming, deciding based on what the world expects of you?

It’s your life and whatever choice you make, YOU will bear the consequences no matter how sweet or sour it is. After all, if a choice you made gave you one million, you will not share oo (sha pay your tithe).

In as much as you do what makes you happy and you are at peace with yourself, it's perfect. He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches. Stop living up to everyone’s standards because you can’t, you simply just can’t.
Be You…….Be (Put your own adjective).

E.g Be You…..Be Spontaneous 

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  1. Oluwatoni.... This is deep! Really deep!!!
    I have seen so many people live below their best life by living out the scripts handed over to them by friends, family and loved ones. Actually, life is about principles and not rules. Rules will always keep people from living their best lives.

    Society lied to us about a lot of things: You must get married by 30; A lady who rents a house of her own even when staying with parents/guardians is not convenient for her is not responsible; You must go to school and get a job after; You must wait for your elder ones to get married first; The most brilliant students are supposed to be in science class... I could go on and on.

    But I have found out that those who eventually transform their world are those who don't stick to the rules, they question their assumptions and defy popular opinion. You did great justice to this topic. I'm already looking forward to your next post.

  2. Wow. Thank you so much dear. I really do apperciate

  3. Choices: If its going to be, its up to you!
    We must not let stereotypical mentality and other people's opinion stampede our movement. In the end, you're only a better person, not just because you didn't try but because you overcame the fear of failure by trying (and may be failing).

    Welldone Toni...it's amazing how you're able to string these thoughts together and reproduce (in your mind and the minds of others), what our lives looked like when we were little. More ink to you pen and ororo to your mind.

  4. Interesting all the way...thanks for sharing

  5. Wow. Thank you so much dear. I really do apperciate

  6. Really lovely!More people got to see this.

  7. Really lovely!More people got to see this.


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