Welcome to my blog again and if this is the first post you are reading, thank you for clicking the link.
I thought about adding a new sway to my blog called GidiHistoriaz (Gidi Stories) which basically talks about stories, events or occurrences that happen on a daily basis. It could be a personal recount of the event or one you witnessed. It is not limited to Lagos though. You can send your entries to for others to laugh and of course learn from.

Let me set the ball rolling by narrating my own story. You know me though, story teller of life.
Beautiful Saturday morning. The sun came out despite the heavy rain over the night and I was happy, at least my clothes will dry today. I hurriedly washed the clothes (They came out clean sha). I spread them on the line and dashed into the bathroom thinking of the best outfit for the day as it was my friend’s birthday bash (it was just a small party though).  The jollof rice had better make ‘sense’ because it was one of the major reason why I was going (asides the fact that I love my friend *smiles*).

Make up and charisma on fleek, I stepped out in a looking like a million bucks (as a man thinketh in his heart, so he is). As I didn’t want to ‘waste’ my money on cab, I entered danfo (bus) heading to Berger as the party was at Omole Phase 2. I didn’t forget my amour (Ear phones and a novel) for the journey ahead. The bus left the park, I was plugged and the journey begun. Just as we approached the Agbidingbi Road (Cocacola), the engine of the bus begun to spark (I don’t know the right term). It started out as something that would end soon as the driver convinced us it was nothing to be worried about. He kept saying ‘O normal, O man sele bee’ (Its normal, it happens all the time). I was seated at the last row just in front of the engine, so if anything was going to happen, I and three other passengers were going first contact meaning we were at greater risk. I was panicking but everyone around me seemed calm. I guessed they believed the driver’s ‘convincing’ words. Though I continued reading my book, my mind was far from comprehending the words and then all of a sudden there was a loud blast from the engine. How we all scrambled out of that bus onto the curb, I can’t’ recall. All I know is we were out of the bus. Even with the current recession nobody wants to die (lol).

As at this time we were at Taiwo Bus Stop (FRSC) in Ojodu. After ranting on and on about how my concerns were ignored with no one paying attention (they were just grateful no one was harmed), I decided to walk to Berger to take Keke Napep to my friend’s house. On getting to the street, I notice anyone that passed me from behind gave me a weird look. In my head I was like Osshhheeeyyy fine girl. Everyone is looking at me. Did I mention that I wore a white top and jeans? Yes, I was so on fleek.

This continued until I got to the party venue, my friend came out, hugged me and then screamed. I was totally startled.
Ahan, are you that excited to see me? I asked
Only for her to say that my top was totally black behind. Unable to totally comprehend that, we went to her room and I took off my top. Chai all my high party vibes disappeared. I can’t believe no one could tell me all the way from Ojodu. I am sure it was that bus that did this to me.

Is this a sign O Lord? Is my Toyota Camry 2015 model on the way? Speak Lord am listening. I need a car ASAP

Have a great week ahead. Stay True….Be Fabulous.
Please send in your stories. 



  1. I can't stop laughing... You this geh wee not kee someborri. Nice one, storyteller of life. Keep up the great work.

  2. Next time take cab 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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