Copy Cat Syndrome

How often do you limit yourself just because you chose to be someone else? How often do you look at others before you take that step? We find ourselves in a society where every slim girl is assumed a model, every girl with flawless makeup is meant to a makeup artist and anything trending from hairstyles to clothing and of course business is meant for everyone. Sadly, it takes extra effort to be someone else. That’s being a copycat. Plain and simple. Seriously, not everything is for you, you are not a general commodity.  

The thing is the copycat syndrome exists in every one of us, myself included. From the unnecessary show offs to the debt we incur just to impress people who do not actually care. Think about the last 22 inches Brazilian or Peruvian hair you bought just to show them in the office or school that you know what up with the feeling of not want to be left out, and then you walk in and no one, no one at all commends your new ‘prized’ possession. A certain sense of rejection just overwhelms you and then you take plenty selfies and post it online. When the likes pour in, you feel a sense of acceptance. You are nodding and smiling right. I got that right. Hey it happened to me too.

Lest I forget too, our undying love for parties and aso-ebi, after all we are Nigerians; we love our parties. But don’t borrow to buy aso- ebi or use you next month’s salary to slay to the party. It is more memorable for the couple if you package whatever you have and put it in an envelope. Am sure they would appreciate it better.

Now don’t get me wrong, taking out time to spoil yourself is very much needed.  I am an aso ebi freak (when I can afford it) and I love to slay at every occasion I attend. But not at the detriment of my pocket or next month’s earnings.  

 When it is done to please others or in a way that is really discomforting, now there is where you draw the line. Don’t, just don’t.

A friend was sharing with me a story of two neighbours who lived right next to each other. Whenever neighbour A bought a new appliance, the other followed even when it meant taking a loan. A new car meant a new car for the neighbour and the list goes on and on.  How insecure can people be? I personally feel it boils down to lack of self-worth and low self-esteem. If you can afford it, its ok. If you can’t please stay in your lane, there is no shame in that.

In relation to our lives, where we live, how we dress, where we hang out, the job or career we chose, the kind of mobile phones and even as little as how we pray, we are all different. Why subject yourself to the torture of being anything other than yourself? 

Do not box yourself in trying to behave like someone else because no one actually ‘sent you message’. If it doesn’t work out well for you, only YOU is to be blamed.

 So, quickly say this after me
I am happy to be me

I may not be perfect

But I am honest, loving and real

I don’t try to be what I am not

And I do not try to impress anyone

I am ME.

Till I find another interesting issue (which I know will not be long), stay beautiful, real and appreciative of yourself. Sparkle like the diamond you are. Ciao.


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